Professional Services

Professional Services

Our WebAssembly experts and our compiler engineers are ready to help you in your next project.

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Analysis & PoC

Thinking about migrating your legacy application to HTML5, or have a WebAssembly conversion project in mind? We can help with feasibility analyses and proof-of-concept portings.

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Porting & WebAssembly

Are you looking to port or migrate a full application (Java, C++ or Flash) to HTML5, or do you have a WebAssembly project in mind? Our developers are ready to do it for you.

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Workshops & Training

Our experts can deliver group workshops to train your team on all things WebAssembly, Cheerp and CheerpJ. We provide extended support services for organisations using our products.


Let our experts help you on your next porting project.

Time and cost effective

Your resources are precious. Porting an existing application to HTML5 is much faster than building something from the ground up. Our migration solutions are also useful and cost-effective to extend the life of legacy applications.

Experts in porting

Our experts have over 7 years of experience in porting applications to HTML5, amounting to over 20M sloc, and can guide you to the correct solution to meet your requirements.

Experts in WebAssembly

Scared or hesitant about WebAssembly? Our experts have been involved in this technology from its inception in 2017.

Be ahead of the curve

Take advantage of WebAssembly, now standard on any browser, to deliver your high-performance interactive application on the web, before your competitors do.


Converting a popular C++ game to run on the browser, including server creation and hosting.


Porting an arbitrary precision integer arithmetic C library to pure Javascript.


Let us know the service you require by contacting us

Convert your legacy Java Applet or standalone Java client to HTML5. No access to the source required.

Help you develop your next-generation HTML5/WebAssembly web application.

Full porting of a C/C++ application.

Migrate the business logic of your Java application to JavaScript, and integrate it with your React, Angular or Vue web application.

Optimise your converted Java or C++ application for maximum runtime speed, minimum size and fast start up time.


Let us take a look under the hood, and see what we can do to help

Migration of legacy applications

We have helped organisations migrate countless legacy application (e.g. Java Applets) to HTML5 using our tools.

Development of new-generation HTML5 applications

We can help you identify the optimal course of action to develop your new, browser-based version of your application, reusing as much code as possible.

Cost/Gain benefits

We can help you understand how a small investment in porting and automated migration can save your organisation vast sums for a full re-build.

Proof of Concepts

We can deliver proof-of-concept conversions from Java, C++ and Flash so you can reduce your technical risk, and take informed decisions on the next steps of your project.


Let us know the service you require by contacting us

Perform feasibility analysis of porting an existing Java, C++ or Flash application to the Web.

Perform proof of concept porting of a subset of your Java, C++ or Flash application to redeuce your risk.

Thinking about a large-scale conversion to WebAssembly? We can help you understand all the different elements involved, and help your predict difficulties and pitfalls.


Training the future generation of WebAssembly experts.

Experience in compile-to-browser

We have over 7 years of experience in compile-to-WebAssembly and compile-to-JavaScript solutions. We have been involved in WebAssembly since inception.

Synchonise your workforce

Get everyone on the same page, and fully trained in WebAssembly, improving productivity from the start.

Online or in person

To fit your requirements, we allow classes to be taught on your premises, or online.

Training on Cheerp and CheerpJ

Get training on Cheerp and CheerpJ from developers of this solutions, and maximise the productivity of your development team.


Let us know the service you require by contacting us

Assist developers with tutorials and documentation.

Online course for your management and developers.

On premises course for your development team.

1 to 1 consulting (hourly sessions)