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Collaborate With Us

Here at Leaning Technologies, we love to work with Partners.

By levaraging our convert-to-HTML5 solutions, our Partners can create great value to their customers, and bring any application to the browser. Converted automatically, executed efficiently, fully client side.

Our Partners get our full support, a direct line of communication with our team, and strong pre-sales, technical and implementation advice and guidance to ensure success.

Our Partner Program

A flexible, value-based programme that provides the tools and support you need to get the business gains you want.

Our Partners represent the best of Leaning Technologies. By partnering with Leaning Technologies, you can bring your customers the value of our world-class convert-to-HTML5 solutions for Java, C/C++ and Flash, and our unique expertise in WebAssembly and compile-to-JavaScript.


Referral Partner

Leaning Technologies Referral Partners introduce our products to companies that are looking to extend the life of legacy applications (Java, C/C++, Flash), or that are looking for world-class consulting and support to their WebAssembly efforts.

We provide Referral Partners with everything they need to get started, learn more about our technology, and advocate our solutions. This includes training materials, social media, press releases and support with online advertising campaigns.

A Shared Vision

Working together to extend the reach of our solutions.


Get a direct line with our team, and full support to your activities.


Enterprise Reseller Partner

It takes more than a great product to grow a business, and to reach a great number of markets. To bring value, integrate and advocate our solutions and expertise, we rely on our partners just as much as they rely on us. Whether you’re planning to create new revenue opportunities with existing clients or acquire new customers, we’ve got the tools you need to make it happen.

Multiply value

Thanks to our convert-to-HTML5 solutions and expertise, you can increase the value you bring to your customers, and reduce their barriers to entry with HTML5.


We are honoured to work with companies that lead in the finance, military and science sectors, and to be protagonists of the WebAssembly industry ourselves.


Technology Partner

Integrate your existing products with Leaning Technologies solutions. The Technology Partner Program is driven by our focus on delivering value-added partner solutions for companies who combine our software solutions.

Intended for Technology Partners interested in building solutions on top of our unique convert-to-HTML5 tools, the program offers integration support, integration testing, training, and marketing resources.


At Leaning Technologies we are constantly innovating. We push the boundaries of browser technologies on a daily basis. By joining us as a technology partner, so can you.


HTML5-native technologies, including WebAssembly, are the future. Drop your dependency on legacy technologies, and be ready for the future by working with Leaning Technologies.

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