Extend the Life of Legacy Applications

As a specific use case, organisations can extend the life of applications based on legacy technology, such as Java Applets and Adobe Flash, by converting or emulating them in HTML5.

With our conversion tools, you can extend the life of your legacy application by automatically converting it to HTML5 / WebAssembly. Whether Java Applet, standalone Java client,  or Flash, we have a solution for you.


  • Continue running Java Applets on modern browsers without a local Java installation.
  • Run unmodified Oracle Forms clients on modern browsers.
  • Convert back office Java clients, including Java Swing applications, to HTML5, with no code changes.
  • Continue running internal Adobe Flash applications without the Flash plugin.

Preserve Accessibility to Legacy Applications on Modern Browsers

Preserve mission-critical legacy applications written in Java, Flash and beyond, by automatically converting or emulating them to HTML5 and WebAssembly.

We provide automated migration solutions for:

  • Java Applets
  • Stand-alone Java Applications, including Java Web Start
  • Oracle Forms, including Applets and FSAL
  • Adobe Flash (AS2 and AS3), including Flex / Spark

The Leaning Technologies

Preservation Solutions for Legacy Applications

Preserve access to existing Oracle Forms (Applets and FSAL) with no changes, using the CheerpJ technology.


Oracle Forms

CheerpX For Flash is an HTML5 Flash emulator that allows your Flash content to run seamlessly on modern browsers, after the end of life of the Flash player.



Run Java Applets on modern Chrome and Edge without a Java installation.


Java Applets