Leaning Technologies announces a technical partnership with PhET Interactive Simulations


Leaning Technologies and University of Colorado Boulder’s PhET Interactive Simulations partner to bring PhET’s free Java simulations to the web, supporting global math and science learning.

PhET’s legacy Java simulation, Forces and Motion, now runs in any web browser, thanks to Leaning Technologies’ CheerpJ Java to WebAssembly compiler. (Image by PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado Boulder, licenced under CC-BY 4.0.)

Taking advantage of Leaning Technologies’ CheerpJ Java to WebAssembly compiler , PhET Interactive Simulations at University of Colorado Boulder has developed a stopgap solution to make their Java simulations accessible via any web browser, without a local Java installation. This new partnership has opened the door to enable millions of students and teachers to continue to use PhET’s legacy Java science and math simulations on a wider variety of devices, including Chromebooks and iPads.

CheerpJ is the only Java compiler for the Web compatible with 100% of Java. It converts any Java client application into standard WebAssembly and JavaScript. CheerpJ provides an automated tool for converting legacy Java applications (including Applets and stand-alone Java clients) into a combination of WebAssembly and JavaScript, so they can be integrated into modern, browser-based HTML5 web applications.

“We are extremely happy that we have been able to contribute to extending the life of an educational resource that is so valuable to hundreds of thousands of students across the world every day. This is a perfect example of how CheerpJ – being compatible with 100% of Java – can automatically convert large numbers of applications to HTML5 with minimal or no manual intervention.” – Stefano De Rossi, CEO, Leaning Technologies

“The CheerpJ technology has been a true game-changer for PhET simulations. For years, as school technologies have shifted to Chromebooks and iPads, many teachers and students lost access to some of their favorite PhET simulations because these simulations were built on our legacy Java code. With CheerpJ, we were able to create new browser-compatible versions of 57 legacy Java simulations , restoring access at a time of great need. The PhET teacher community could not be happier!” – Kathy Perkins, Director, PhET Interactive Simulations

Leaning Technologies is a computer software company specialising in WebAssembly and compile-to-JavaScript tools and services to convert applications into Web Apps. Leaning Technologies solutions can extend the life of their legacy applications written in Java, C/C++ or Flash by automatically converting them to HTML5 browser-based applications.

PhET Interactive Simulations at University of Colorado Boulder (https://phet.colorado.edu) provides over 150 interactive, research-based simulations for teaching science and mathematics. The simulations are used in primary, secondary, and university education, translated into over 80 languages, and provided as open (free) educational resources. PhET also partners with diverse education companies to advance STEM education worldwide.


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PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado Boulder

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