How to convert your Flash application to HTML5

Flash to HTML5

Flash to HTML5

As announced three-and-half-years ago, on the 12th Jan 2021 we waved goodbye to the Adobe Flash Player as it entered “End of Life” (EOL), with Adobe urging all users to uninstall it immediately.

So, what does this mean for your Flash-based Enterprise applications?

Currently, you may be using a short-term solution for your internal applications, such as: 

  • Using Internet Explorer with Flash “Enterprise Enablement” and domain whitelisting (only useable until Microsoft roll out updates later this year)
  • Licensing a “Locked” Browser + Flash Player Solutions (only useable for internal applications)

If you are looking for a medium- or long-term solution, or if you have a public-facing application, you might think that the costly and timely process of re-writing the application from scratch in HTML5 is your only solution to replace Flash. 

However, CheerpX for Flash is an easy-to-integrate solution to seamlessly extend the life of existing Flash applications, without requiring users to install special software or use a legacy browser.



What is CheerpX for Flash

CheerpX for Flash is, in essence, a JavaScript/WebAssembly middleware library that transforms any Flash page into pure HTML5. This means that your users will be able to access it from any browser.

Here are three reasons why CheerpX for Flash is a great choice to continue supporting both internal and external B2B/B2C customer-facing applications.

1) CheerpX for Flash works with ANY Flash-based application

Being based on the Adobe Flash Player and its runtime, CheerpX for Flash is compatible with any AS2/AS3 Flash application, including frameworks such as Flex and Spark.


2) It is SIMPLE to integrate

CheerpX for Flash is easily integrated on any existing HTML page that embeds Flash via the <embed>, <object> tags or swfobject.js library. It can be hosted within any network, on virtually any HTTP server. It does not require any active back end or costly virtualisation architecture.


3) Your end-users don’t need to install anything

There will be no need for your users or your client’s IT departments to install any custom browser, extension, or native application.


If you are looking to replace Flash with HTML5, rewriting the application can be a long and complex process, which is impractical if it is a vital application. With CheerpX for Flash, you can indefinitely extend the life of your application, effortlessly, without the need for special browsers or any action from the user. 

If you would like to find out more about how CheerpX For Flash can help preserve your Flash application, follow this link to book a demo.


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