How to continue using your Enterprise Flash Applications


As of 12th Jan 2021, it is no longer possible to run Flash in the latest version of modern browsers, as the Adobe Flash Player enters “End of Life” (EOL).

But, Flash content is far from dead.

Many organisations still have a need to continue using Browser-Flash applications in 2021 and there are a number of solutions available to keep your application running.

Preserve Old Browser

By using a legacy version of Internet Explorer with Flash “Enterprise Enablement” and domain whitelisting, Organisations can continue to access their applications until Microsoft roll out updates later this year.

Though we should point out that there are implications of using non-up-to-date browsers running on computers, making them vulnerable to security threats and attacks.

License a “Packaged Browser” + Flash Player

HARMAN is offering the “Packaged Browser” solution as a customised software product that can be licensed for use beyond end of 2020 and allows an existing Flash-based web application to continue working like before.

This “packaged” solution would work only for that specific application it was designed to support and not function as a web browser for any other applications. Users wanting to use the application would be required to download and install the “packaged browser” solution from the organization.

This means it is unlikely to be a suitable solution for external B2B and B2C applications.

CheerpX for Flash

Cheerpx for Flash is an easy-to-integrate solution to seamlessly extend the life of existing Flash applications, without special browsers or any action from the user.

By combining CheerpX with the Adobe Flash Player, CheerpX for Flash provides an easily-integrated, HTML5 middleware library that allows normal browsers to continue using Flash applications without a plugin.

No special browsers or installable components are required by the users, and no change to the Flash application is required.

  • Preserve Vital Applications – Continue supporting your internal, customer-facing or public-facing applications after the deprecation of Flash, without doing a full HTML5 rewrite.
  • Secure by design – CheerpX for Flash works on modern browsers, reducing the risks of keeping a legacy browser running. Thanks to HTML5 sandboxing, it radically improves safety compared to the Flash player.
  • Ease of Access – CheerpX for Flash can be used for external B2B and B2C applications, as it doesn’t require users to download or install anything specific to your application.

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