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Client is a market leader in AI and ML solutions for digital identity verification via real-time processing of ID images. Their core Web solution is powered by Cheerp.

A global leader in the capture and validation of identity documents, Client has been partnering with Leaning Technologies since 2018 to develop its Web-based offering.

The main problem being solved by client Solutions is that of scanning a physical ID document (think passport or driving licence) with a camera, usually from a mobile device, and validating whether the identity document can be digitally verified, or if manual intervention is required. Client B2B solutions support financial institutions, payment transaction platforms and other regulated sectors where identity verification is required.

Without requiring specialised hardware or embedded software, Client solutions allow consumers to scan their identity document using their smartphone or laptop camera, and verify their identity on the fly as part of a native app or Web-based experience. 

Historically, the Client core technology engine was developed in C++, and distributed exclusively as a native library to be embedded in mobile or desktop applications. As part of a strategy to support digital identity verification in Web-based experiences, the Client was looking at approaches to develop a JavaScript/WebAssembly-based library that could be embedded by their customers in HTML5 web applications.


Developing a new software solution from scratch in JavaScript was understandably unappealing to the Client, given the complexity and cost of the task, and the multiplication of code bases and software developers that this would have entailed. Further, the maintenance costs of supporting two independent software solutions that solve the same problem would also be duplicated.

Because of this, the Client decided to port their specialist C++ library to JavaScript and WebAssembly using Cheerp, our state-of-the-art compiler for the Web.

The Result

With the support of Leaning Technologies, the Client was able to maintain a single C++ code base, that is compiled both to native targets (e.g. Android), as well as to JavaScript/WebAssembly to be embedded in Web Applications. This allowed them to develop and market a new product targeting a different application segment, while continuing to trust their original implementation, concentrating on the development of their high-quality software solution.

Cheerp’s strength in interfacing with other native JavaScript components, and it’s state-of-the-art compiled output performance, were instrumental in allowing the Client to develop their new solution with minimal start-up and maintenance costs. The client has been happily using Cheerp for over 5 years.

What is Cheerp?

Cheerp is an enterprise-grade C/C++ compiler for the web that can compile C/C++ into WebAssembly and JavaScript. It is open source, with dual licence (GPLv2 & commercial) and is actively developed/back by Leaning Technologies.

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